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Study in Canada with Elite Educational Consultants

Updated: Jan 19

When it comes to studying abroad for international students, Canada is simply among the very best destinations.

When looking to study outside of your home country, Canada should be at the top of your list of options as one of the leading international student destinations in the world. Canada's education system is highly regarded and many of the higher education institutions in the country regularly ranked as some of the best in the world. There are many benefits to pursuing your education here.

Canada is both beautiful and life Enriching. It is a safe and progressive society built on a foundation of multiculturalism and immigration. It offers some of the highest standards of living in the world and a beautiful environment that welcomes international students with open arms. Canada is known internationally for its excellent education system and world-class universities found all throughout the country. International students have the option to study in some of the greatest academic institutions in the world.

Students also find that Canada is relatively safe with reports that the country is the seventh safest in the world, as reported by safe around calm students from all continents tell us that moving to another part of the world can be quite daunting at first.

When you choose to study in Canada, you have the option to work as a student to help finance your education after graduation, students are eligible to remain in Canada and pursue employment anywhere in the country. This gives you access to Canada's thriving job market. Helping you obtain work experience right out of school. Best of all, Canada is known to be a more affordable option for education compared to other English-speaking countries with lower living in tuition costs for international students.

Elite Educational Consultants makes all this a reality for Ethiopians who wish to study in Canada. So don’t hesitate to make the best decisions and reach out to us. All you need to get started is :-

  • High school (9-12) transcript and/or university tempo

  • TOEFL or IELTS results or letter from your school showing you have been learning in English

  • Passport Copy

  • Bank statement showing significant funds

If you happen to be in Addis Ababa, Do visit Elite Educational Consultants and receive your free consulting. We will do our very best to offer you the best package available!

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