• Mariyamawit Abebe

Study in Turkey with Elite Educational Consultants

When it comes to studying abroad for international students, Turkey is simply among the very best destinations.

It's a dream to study in Turkey, the cradle of knowledge with its nature, history, location, cultural structure and the level it is acquired in terms of Education. Turkey is one of the world's primary centers of education.

You wish in Turkey's foundation and state universities such as health care law, politics, engineering and social sciences. Turkish universities are credited around the world. The universities are designed to give students the best shot at success. This includes areas to relax, hang out with peers and even exercise. They have quality libraries which are open, 24/7, beautiful campuses and a hands-on approach to learning. Apart from universities where classes are in Turkish, you also have a choice of universities and departments which offer classes in English. You may choose to stay in a state or private dorm or you can rent an apartment close to your campus.

Having been a home to countless civilizations, the birthplace of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is a place where many cultures live together, filled with warm friendly people. There are many social and cultural activities to choose from which will engage your interest throughout the duration of your studies, where the Turkish & Islamic culture is experienced in the most beautiful harmony, a modern and democratic country, where welfare levels are increasing each and every day throughout. The duration of your studies in Turkey, you will have the chance to work as a part-time interpreter in hotels and social venues and earn money .If you wish to study in a pioneering university which upholds European standards and believes in academic freedom, we invite you to Turkey . You can pursue an education in any field.

Take a step closer towards your dream. All you need is

  • High school (9-12) transcript and/or university tempo

  • Passport Copy

  • Bank statement showing significant funds

If you happen to be in Addis Ababa, Do visit Elite Educational Consultants and receive your free consulting. We will do our very best to offer you the best package available!

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